This is stuff about me.

Shaun Fox

I’m a Senior Design Technologist at Indeed in beautiful Austin, Texas.

I’m always learning new skills and technologies and I love experimenting with them. I love collaboration and finding good solutions to problems. I read a lot of science-fiction and I love a bowl of queso and a margarita after a long work week. My wonderful wife and daughters keep me sane.

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Senior Design Technologist
/ Senior UX Designer


November 2018–present; Austin, Texas

Principal Product Designer


April 2017–November 2018; Austin, Texas

Creative Director


October 2016–April 2017; Austin, Texas

Creative Director


December 2014–October 2016; Austin, Texas

Senior UX/UI Designer

Bypass Mobile

June 2014–December 2014; Austin, Texas

User Experience Designer

Ringtail Design

September 2012–June 2014; Austin, Texas

In-house Graphic Designer

The Austin Stone Community Church
The For the City Network

February 2008–September 2012; Austin, Texas

Design Intern

Kym Abrams Design

May–August 2009; Chicago, Illinois


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design

Cum Laude; Texas State University

December 2009; San Marcos, Texas

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I’m interested in people.

I think that collaboration makes a better product every time. I think that the more people work together on the front end, the more the product will feel human on the other end. I also love working directly with clients and finding awesome solutions to their problems and goals.

I’m interested in delight.

I want the people who interact with the products I make to know that a real person made it. I want them to sense that there was a lot of care put into it and that I made it just for them.

I’m interested in family.

My wife and daughters are so great. I think they’re the best thing in the world. And my coworkers end up being like family, too. I’ve been privileged to work with awesome people over the years, who’ve become a big part of my life.

I’m interested in making a difference.

As much as I can I’d like to work for the greater good. I want my work to be meaningful and not hurtful. I want to help people, because in some ways I think that’s what life is all about.

I’m interested in learning.

In fact, I can’t really seem to stop. Whether learning a new hand-skill or illustration technique or a better way to write code, I’m always looking to improve. I think this is essential in a creative field.
Input = output.