Snaptrends helps you discover and analyze social media users and their posts, leading to actionable insight about your area or interest.

In my role as Creative Director at Snaptrends, I oversaw the interface design and user experience of our application. We reworked the entire user interface and reworked much of the core functionality, as well as adding some new key features along the way.

Much of the recent effort was directed towards updating the existing charts. Through this effort we not only brought a new look, but also new interactions to allow the user to dig into the data behind the charts and take action on it.

In combination with the static mockups shown here, I made many live mockups to prove out the choices we made, from interface interactions and nuances to layout and responsive design.

Take a look:
Live Button Style Guide
Button Style Tester
Custom Bio Modals
New Map Page Mockup
Website Pull-quote Experiment
Color Randomizer Tool
Location List Mockup
Bar Chart Interaction
Off-screen Sidebar Experiment
Social Post Mockup
Search List Mockup